Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yuletide Cheer

Some of you may be wondering what I want for Christmas. Well, I can tell you, it isn't World Peace, though that would be nice, and it isn't a new car, either, though a Prius would also be great. Nah, my Christmas wish is a lot easier than all that. A lot closer to home, too.

I wish, that just once, just for one Christmas, my little brother would get it through his thick skull that I have nothing against him and do, in fact, think he is a great kid. Let's go through the list:

Adrian is very, very handsome. I don't say this because he's my brother and people say we look alike, oh, no. I say this because he really and truly is.

Adrian is an incredible singer and actor. Something happened while he was over in Japan last year, and he came back singing like Presley. Or Paul McCartney. Or really any amazing famous singer that there is out there. He also went to State Drama, which is more than I ever did, considering that the year I did Drama, I was also in Community Theatre and the play opened the same week as the regional drama competition.

Adrian is also really funny, and extremely loyal. He's a great friend and a great classmate and tries really hard to be a good person. He's also done so well at school this year, it's amazing.

Somehow, he doesn't believe that I actually believe all these things about him. I am not afraid to say it, even online, where everything is public- to my school, to my friends, to his friends, to random strangers, and maybe even to him.

Yeah. What I want for Christmas is for Adrian and I to get along. It's silly almost and maybe stupid to write on this blog, but it's true.

I also just wanted to shout out to Vanessa over there in the GEO at Hampshire College. She's leaving Hampshire, and her last day is coming up. I won't be there to say good bye, but I made her a card which I really, really hope gets there before she leaves, but if it doesn't:

Vanessa- You are one of the most awesome people at Hampshire. I'm really going to miss having you around when I get back... It will not be the same without you. Bonne chance a toi et a ta famille!

Happy Holidays everybody, and let's hope 2009 is better than the last 8 years have been...

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Ashley Ater Karnov said...

Hi Alessandra,

This is Ashley from Moscow who interviewed you for Hampshire. I just came across your blog via the Hampshire website and read all your posts.

I think it's great that you are blogging. I also see that some of the bureaucracy has changed since I was a junior in Paris in 1989/90 - it's gotten worse! Your description of the expose was familiar to me and I only wish I'd had classes teaching me the French academic style of writing and presenations prior to having to do them.

When I moved to Moscow in 1993 after having lived in Paris for two more years, I couldn't figure out who all the wierdos were that were smiling at me as I walked down the street...

I'd love to have coffee when you are back in town at some point. Ashley